Friends @ Home

Friends at Home pairs teenage volunteers with children with disabilities for weekly playdates. This program gives a child the chance to spend precious time with a companion who is there purely to befriend them and get to know them. Together, they laugh, play, and share. Many real, lasting friendships are built during these hours, and all of these participants form a close-knit and accepting community.

Art of Friendship

An art platform where FC participants are mentored by a group of renowned Jerusalem artists who guide them in creating their own piece of art. The resulting artworks are then showcased and displayed in a professional gallery setting with a formal cocktail evening celebrating the children's talents.

The AOF project and exhibition facilitates self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.


Bat Mitzvah Circle

This program brings together a group of “typically developing” girls and girls with special needs, all approaching the age of Bat Mitzvah. Members of this combined group learn and have fun through bi-weekly meetings, trips, activities, and projects. This creates a cohesive culture of mutual caring and respect.


Buddy Baseball

A non-competitive, friendship building league provides an opportunity to build self-esteem and create warm, lasting memories on the baseball field. We partner special needs players with buddy volunteers, thus granting children, who may never have played sports with a friend, the chance to experience teamwork, camaraderie and the magic of excelling at a sport.


Seasonal Events

Jewish Holidays are celebrated together with trips and events hosted by the Friendship Circle for the entire family. Come watch your child hang out and socialize with peers while enjoying various fun activities. It's also a great opportunity to connect with other parents involved in the program.


FC Summer Camp

Children with every kind of disability can experience the joys of summer camp. They enjoy daily exciting trips and activities and making new friends. 


Volunteer Events and Training

An exclusive club where volunteers receive training, lectures, and inspiration to better equip them in their service and in their journey to becoming caring, responsible members of society. 

To show our appreciation, our volunteers also enjoy periodical trips and events.


Shabbat & Chagim Dinners

Families of Friendship Circle members and volunteers are invited for delicious, home-cooked Shabbat and Holiday meals. These dinners are a wonderful opportunity for Friendship Circle families to meet, connect and expand their circle.

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