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In keeping with the times and the guidelines of the Health Ministry (yet never giving up on unity and honor for Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai), this year, ALL Chabad Shluchim in Jerusalem will be celebrating their Lag B’omer parades in a different, but unique style.


The Jerusalem Municipality has generously facilitated a Simcha Truck with fabulous entertainment that will pass through your neighborhood, including you in this unique 2020 Lag Bomer parade. Chabad of Talbiya and the Friendship Circle will be hosting the popular "Tuvia" from Arutz Meir as we unite and sing together on our porches complete with activities, music, and raffle prizes!


If you are a Friendship Circle Member or you live in the Talbiya-Mamilla area, fill out the form below to receive a Lag B'omer gift package! This includes a craft, poster, whistles, child illustrated Chumash, ices to enjoy while joining the parade, bubbles, and confetti!


In addition, all who register will be entered into a raffle of fabulous prizes (see prizes below!)

At exactly 12:00, each family who has received the package is invited to come out on their porch in a display of community camaraderie which will be live broadcasted on Facebook. Unite with us by:
  1. Put your arm around your sibling/s
  2. Sing Hinei Ma Tov with us live!
  3. Blow your bubbles and shower your confetti from your porch to show love for the special children of Friendship Circle.
Take a selfie of you joining the parade by doing one of the above and post it to Facebook, tagging Chabad of Talbiya, Jerusalem and Friendship Circle Central Jerusalem to be entered into a second raffle (see prizes below!)
If you cannot upload it to facebook- Whatsapp the picture to 058-776-8100




First Prize

540 shekel toy voucher from Jerusalem toy store 

Second prize

Sparkling set of Mishnayot 

Third prize 
250 shekel voucher to Katzefet

To enter: Simply fill out the form below to have a Lag B'omer Gift Package delivered to your door!



First Prize

One night plus breakfast for two in 5-star JERUSALEM hotel


Second prize

Air Pods Pro

Third prize

Fit Bit Fitness Tracker

To enter: Take a selfie of you with your friendship poster and post on Facebook. Make sure to tag Chabad of Talbiya, Jerusalem and Friendship Circle Central Jerusalem!

Friendship Circle, Central Jerusalem

Friendship Circle pairs teenage volunteers with children with special needs for camaraderie, activity, and inclusion.

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