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Forming the Circle

It takes every member of your family to form the circle that completes our community, including your child with special needs. Friendship Circle exists to meet the needs of your child in a wonderful, unique way.


Children with special needs often have plenty of professionals and service workers who work with them on a regular basis; however, one of the most important parts of a child's life is a feeling of belonging. Through FC programs, trained teenage volunteers become a friend and mentor to your son or daughter offering them the benefits of friends, play dates and activities that every child enjoys.

Through our Friends @ Home program, your child has the weekly joy of a regular play date, a pair of friends who come to your home just for him or her. While your child is happily learning and being entertained, you will enjoy a regular respite.

Buddy Baseball, a non-competitive, friendship building baseball league, provides an opportunity for your child to build self-esteem and create warm, lasting memories on the baseball field.


Our Holiday Events will give your child the opportunity to create memorable holiday experiences shared together with siblings, parents, and the greater community. 

Friendship Circle is here to help you and your child. Our dedicated staff works with the volunteers to be an asset to you and your family. The training that the teens receive encourages them to create an everlasting friendship with your child.

We invite your child to join Friendship Circle and become a part of the family.

Why Join
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